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Why Democrates lost the election in 2016

Over the weekend I watched the new Michael Moore movie "Fahrenheit 11/9. It was very good. It talked about why the election was lost by the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, showing that Hillary won the popular vote but still lost the election. That in several states Bernie Sanders won the Democratic nomination by vote and that the leaders of the Party lied and said Hillary won. Most counties in Michigan were lost by only 2 votes. He also covered the Flint water crisis and our government leaders responses. It was very disappointing to hear that the govenor knew the water was corroding auto parts at the GM plant. His solution, switch the plant back over to the clean water but leave the entire city of Flint, thousands of kids on the corrosive Flint River water. We have a chance to "make changes in 2020". Make sure if you are a US Citizen that you go out and vote. We can make a difference.

"Stop the Tyrant Trump in 2020"