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John F. Kennedy had it right in his book "A Nation of Immigrants"

What a great president, man, and leader. Quoting from the last paragraphs of chapter 4, "In sum, then, we can see that as each new wave of immigration has reached America it has been faced with problems, not only the problems that come with making new homes and learning new jobs, but, more important, the problems of getting along with people of different backgrounds and habits. Each new group was met by the groups already in America, and adjustment was often difficult and painful. The early English settlers had to find ways to get along with the Indians; the Irish who followed were met by these "Yankees"; German immigrants faced both Yankee and Irish; and so it has gone down to the latest group of Hungarian refugees. Somehow, the difficult adjustments are made and people get down to the task of earning a living, raising a family, living with their new neighbors and, in the process, building a nation." How true, and now we have immigrants from Central America. It's time to throw off the chains of fear and welcome those that will help us "build a nation."

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